Business Blogging Basics for Beginners and Skeptics

If you are serious about taking your online visibility to the next level and feel like a “blogging newbie” or a “blogging skeptic”, this article is for you…

First Things First! What’s a blog and why should I care?

A blog is a special kind of a website that allows publishing all types of digital content such as text, images, audio, video and so on. So far, a blog is no different than an ordinary website but here comes the fun part: blog visitors are given the chance to interact with the blog owner and each other by commenting on blog pages (posts).

The interactive nature of blogs gives them great appeal over static websites. That’s why; you, as a business owner, should leverage blogging for optimal business results.

It goes without saying that all of your blog visitors will be interested in your business area and a substantial number of them would fall into your niche market. (In future posts, I will detail how you can identify “hot” prospects amongst your blog readers and turn them into customers)

And the good news is: creating a basic blog from A to Z and posting content on it doesn’t require any technical background. In fact, it takes less than 5 minutes to have a blog up and running using popular blogging sites such as WordPress and BlogSpot.

I am sold: Business Blogging Rocks! How can I do it Right?

That’s a very critical question that could make or break your business blogging results. You must strive for constantly delivering great content that’s compelling, unique and in line with your brand.

If you are planning to copycat others or deliver mediocre content, I would say don’t bother creating a blog in the first place! In fact, it might do more harm than good in this case. Put in some long hours and write the content yourself. If you are in need of articles but you have no time to write them, you can always buy unique content from other other writers.

Now you might ask me: What if I don’t know how to create a “killer” blog? Take advantage of sites such as This site lists the best of the best in the ever-growing world of blogs. Simply choose a topic that’s relevant to your business and you will get a list of the top blogs in that field. Check it out for a healthy dose of inspiration. But again, do NOT mimic others blindly! Authenticity and uniqueness are essential ingredients for business blogging success.

There’s an added bonus to checking out the blogs of “big players” in your industry: to a great extent, they will spare a lot of effort of researching what your blog readers (target market) are hungry for. If you what to know what’s cookin, see what popular bloggers are writing about today.

So Far So Good! How exactly can a blog benefit my business?

Here are just a few business blogging rewards:

Brand recognition
Viral marketing
Lead Generation
Market Research
And more….
The nature/content of your blog posts should be tailored to one of the above objectives, depending on your current business goals. I am sure you would want to achieve all these goals but it really helps to focus on one of them and give it priority until you get the desired results and on to the next one and so on. Needless to say, these goals are interrelated and could affect each other. So, focusing on one of them will improve the rest.

How does all of that translate into blogging jargon? Stay tuned for upcoming posts in which I will highlight proven business blogging techniques that you can easily implement for optimal results. To Your success